Okay last engagement picture I swear!

  09:54 am, by seetheresarun 16

Got engagement photos back! Not going to lie…..this is one of my favorites.

  09:30 pm, by seetheresarun 9

I’m not going to sugar coat it. Because I’m a runner and runners talk about poop. A lot.

But I’m recovering from bronchitis and the antibiotics and steroids has messed up my system.

So true love is when your fiancé buys you some poop meds and writes out on notecards how to take them and when.

  04:37 pm, by seetheresarun 9

Remember my photo session with Scarlett? I turned the picture into stamps for our wedding invitations.

Dwayne just loved that surprise.

  10:10 am, by seetheresarun 12

I wasn’t allowed to use Scarlett in our engagement photos, so I did a photo shoot with her instead.

  05:43 pm, by seetheresarun 10

Sneak peek of engagement photos!

  10:51 am, by seetheresarun 12

As expected, rain and cold front cancelled our engagement photos last Saturday.

So we are trying again this weekend. The fiancé’s job-write pretty on baseballs so we can use them in pictures.

  08:31 pm, by seetheresarun 10

Got our cake topper in the mail today (thanks Etsy) and on the right is the lineup for our engagement photos tomorrow.

The black shirt is a t-shirt replica of the fiancé’s team jersey. It has his last name on the back. So yes, we are taking a picture with our last name on our baseball shirts while holding a bat and glove.

07:08 pm, by seetheresarun 9

Welcome to my spring break. Two dogs who fight for cuddling time and wedding planning. All done while not moving from this couch.

  02:21 pm, by seetheresarun 4

Thanks Hobby Lobby for having everything half off.

And I said yes to a dress today that was nothing like I said wanted. Not great on the hanger but it was wonderful on. I still got my lace dress and I was able to rip out all the tulle from it.
Hate all the tulle.

  05:52 pm, by seetheresarun 13