Maci had a hard weekend.

  07:19 pm, by seetheresarun 10

The husband’s hometown wedding reception. Now we can go home and officially just be married!

  09:55 pm, by seetheresarun 12

I’m a born and raised Dallas girl. I love my city.

But I will say that south Texas (San Antonio) does Tex-Mex right.

  07:48 pm, by seetheresarun 9

This is our official thank you postcards. I haven’t really had to send any out yet. This will change after Saturday.

Saturday is my compromise. It’s the husband’s hometown wedding celebration. 200+ people are expected.

It’s mainly his people but I have a few co-workers and friends coming too.

I’m just super excited that I get another 4-day work week.

  06:12 pm, by seetheresarun 11

Our little girl finally looks like a boxer.

She gained 5 pounds in one week and is now 37.5 pounds now. She also turned 5 months old last Thursday.

She will never be the mild-manner pug-like dog that I’m used to but I’m excited to see her personality grow. And excited to take her on my runs soon.

03:53 pm, by seetheresarun 13

We are truly adults. We own real bedroom furniture. And it’s king sized too.

3 jump attempts, Maci was only successful with one of them. Hence the steps.

  09:59 pm, by seetheresarun 9

Maci is finally not bothering all the pugs.

  03:55 pm, by seetheresarun 6

Sunday project done in our guest and master bathrooms. Just bought molding and wood glue and that’s it!

05:50 pm, by seetheresarun 6

First week back at school and I’m exhausted. Bad week to start marathon training. I’ve got work, my grad classes, reading tutoring, and I do softball lessons on the side too.

Luckily the husband had been understanding that I’ve been a bad wife this week and is taking me on a date tonight.

I ran 6 miles this morning and now taking fur baby to the grandparents house. And my car sensor thinks that’s my 32 pound passenger should be wearing seatbelt.

  09:43 am, by seetheresarun 12

Happy National Dog Day to this (almost) 5 month old.

Likes: eating dinner, eating treats, chewing on baseballs, laying in the sun

Dislikes: swimming, thunder, loud noises of any kind

It’s amazing how much happiness a dog can bring into your life. Do I love that she loves to wake up me at 4 AM? Heck no.

But when I get home from work, she does the boxer butt wag and is so excited to see me. And I love it.

  09:16 pm, by seetheresarun 9