Sunday is for wedding stuff. Advice card box and seating chart frame. Made by the fiancé and I.

And yesterday, I ran my furthest mileage in a month. 7 miles. And I didn’t die!

Happy Easter!

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Okay last engagement picture I swear!

  09:54 am, by seetheresarun 17

Got engagement photos back! Not going to lie…..this is one of my favorites.

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Remember my photo session with Scarlett? I turned the picture into stamps for our wedding invitations.

Dwayne just loved that surprise.

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I wasn’t allowed to use Scarlett in our engagement photos, so I did a photo shoot with her instead.

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Sneak peek of engagement photos!

  10:51 am, by seetheresarun 12

As expected, rain and cold front cancelled our engagement photos last Saturday.

So we are trying again this weekend. The fiancé’s job-write pretty on baseballs so we can use them in pictures.

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Got our cake topper in the mail today (thanks Etsy) and on the right is the lineup for our engagement photos tomorrow.

The black shirt is a t-shirt replica of the fiancé’s team jersey. It has his last name on the back. So yes, we are taking a picture with our last name on our baseball shirts while holding a bat and glove.

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Welcome to my spring break. Two dogs who fight for cuddling time and wedding planning. All done while not moving from this couch.

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Thanks Hobby Lobby for having everything half off.

And I said yes to a dress today that was nothing like I said wanted. Not great on the hanger but it was wonderful on. I still got my lace dress and I was able to rip out all the tulle from it.
Hate all the tulle.

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