State Fair of Texas and a turkey leg after a 15 mile run. Oh. Also had bites of the following: fried Mac-n-cheese, fried kit kat, fried Oreos, corn dog, and fried biscuits and gravy.

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Going to be a good Thursday after an awful Wednesday night. I need to figure out how to get rid of my once-a-month headaches. Or else I’m in for an awful pregnancy next year.

The husband painted and hung this outside after I bought it at a vintage market.

And I picked up our girl this morning. She’s out of it and just wants to sleep.

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This little one is getting spayed today. I didn’t have the heart to drop her off at the vet without crying. So I made the husband do it. They have to keep her overnight :-(

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Maci is passed out so hard right now.

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I knew we needed something above our curtains in the living room. Vintage market find.

  06:41 am, by seetheresarun 5

The husband and I like to fight about who the dog loves more.

He’s always complaining that she never just sits whenever he is driving.

This is her with me now driving back from my parents’ house.

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I try to go on 20 minute walks with Maci everyday. I have to wait until she’s a year old until I can fully run with her.

But all 40 pounds of her pulls so hard on the leash. I need my 13 pound pug back.

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Serious Question about Genetics

Do you ever stop and think about how much you turned out like your parents?

I would love to know how many people see their mom/dad in themselves. And those that are nothing like their parents.

This came up because my parents and I are going to a flea/vintage market this weekend. My dad asked, “do you know what you are looking for? You have a list don’t you?”
My response-“I’m your child so I must have a list right?”

I do have a list. I make lists of everything. Just like my dad. I have OCD. Like my dad. I’m good with finances and directions. Like my dad. I always think I’m right. Like my dad. I’m a homebody that doesn’t really drink. Like my dad.

I’m 29-about to be 30 and I’ve turned out like my father. Something I never expected but happy to be.

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My husband sent me this picture of Maci sleeping this morning.

His caption: content

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We finally stopped being those people and we bought chairs for our dining room table.

We can stop eating off TV trays when guests come over.

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