She thought his arm was a good place to fall asleep.

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Last night was our first night in the new house. Today we got appliances installed in my red kitchen.

And my favorite thing about the house? The master closet is insane. That’s just the left side of it.

Here’s to homeownership!

06:17 pm, by seetheresarun 10

Another school year starts in two weeks. Another new school and district (this should be my last one for awhile! I now live 6 minutes away from work!)

And here is my “rules” wall.

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I promise not to spam the feed with wedding photos. But I just have two and that’s it.

One is us at the ceremony and the other is us at brunch.

People keep asking me-“how does it feel to be married?”

My answer-the same as it was before. We lived together for the last two years, so it was like being married anyways. Now it’s all just paperwork. And the hassle of changing my last name (all that’s left to change is my bank account).

But I think us living together prepared us for marriage. I already know his quirks and his bad habits (leaving his bath towel on the bed, so messy when he cooks) and I love him no matter what. I know that I’m difficult sometimes. I know that I’m loud and can be bossy too. But he loves me no matter what.

Here’s to 2.5 years together and 1.5 weeks of being married!

11:28 pm, by seetheresarun 27

I’ve been doing reading tutoring this summer and Scarlett has insisted on sleeping in my lap for every session.

We move to the house next weekend. Sadly, she is not coming with us right away. It breaks my heart but she has three pugs to hang out with at my mom’s house, while at our house she has to hide from a crazy boxer puppy that wants to play all day long.

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Paint color in our master bathroom. The husband was all painted out, so I tackled this alone.

I hate paint.

  10:26 pm, by seetheresarun 8

I totally get why people don’t do renovations and just hire people.

After buying supplies and 11 gallons of paint, we painted our guest bathroom (the gray). Then after five tries, we finally found a brown/tan color that would look good in the guest bedrooms and living room/office area.

My back hurts. And all I’ve had to eat all day is two McDouble hamburgers.

06:11 pm, by seetheresarun 8

Last Wednesday, we closed on a house. It was a foreclosure, but probably one of the nicest foreclosures ever.

My parents have graciously helped us with some small repairs needed (like who puts random wallpaper trim in the master bath?!)

The house needed random small things like cabinet hardware, toilet lid covers, and light fixtures.

This week, we paint! Then we will move in. My goal is by August 24th, when school starts.

It’s great to be able to start our marriage with a house in our price range we wanted and to do this together.

  06:43 am, by seetheresarun 24

We did it! I will post the photographer’s pictures when I get them but these are just a few from my phone.

Even at 11 AM, it was hot and miserable. That’s when the ceremony started. That’s ok though. I still would do it all over again because I love outdoor weddings and I knew it wouldn’t rain in July in Texas. I didn’t even check the weather all week. I just knew it would be ok.

Our officiant was my best friend’s husband. I’ve known him since I was 15. It was perfect. He did the best job.

The garden was perfect. Great flowers and light.

Then we headed to downtown Fort Worth. The reception room was exactly as I had pictured it. My best friend of 22 years (unofficial maid of honor) made sure that everything was in place before we got there.

The menus and personalized coasters from Etsy looked great. I also got the flower mason jars from Etsy and plan on using them in our house.

The cake and the brunch/lunch was unreal. I told Dwayne that my biggest regret was not taking the cake with us back to the hotel. I couldn’t stop thinking about it.

I created a wedding slideshow with my pictures, Dwayne’s pictures, and then couple pictures. It was about 24 minutes long. We watched it while we ate cake. Everybody loved it.

Only one problem all day- my iHome decided to not work and I had no music to walk down to. Oh well. I had no bridal party so it was ok.

Now we go home. Work on the house we just bought (I’ll post a picture later) and wait for September for his hometown celebration with 250+ people.

08:32 am, by seetheresarun 33

Married! Now we eat and drink.

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