My husband sent me this picture of Maci sleeping this morning.

His caption: content

  10:22 am, by seetheresarun 7

We finally stopped being those people and we bought chairs for our dining room table.

We can stop eating off TV trays when guests come over.

  01:49 pm, by seetheresarun 7

I had every intention of being productive tonight. Clean. Put pictures in our frames finally.

Then I come home. See that the husband decided to put the frames and decor piece in a different spot than I asked.

And then he decided to hang up his ugly frame of a tree in the spot where I wanted the frames and decor piece.

Now that I’m in a bad mood, I’m not doing anything but watching tv and eating candy pumpkins.

Marriage FTW.
  05:47 pm, by seetheresarun 10

Look. I get that in the south it’s a thing to have southern country decorations.

But I just don’t get how people would want their bathroom decorated in deer antlers. I guess I’m a bad Texan for thinking this.

  06:02 pm, by seetheresarun 9

The husband is proud of his handy work. Just ignore the wires.

  10:23 pm, by seetheresarun 7

Maci had a hard weekend.

  07:19 pm, by seetheresarun 13

The husband’s hometown wedding reception. Now we can go home and officially just be married!

  09:55 pm, by seetheresarun 15

I’m a born and raised Dallas girl. I love my city.

But I will say that south Texas (San Antonio) does Tex-Mex right.

  07:48 pm, by seetheresarun 10

This is our official thank you postcards. I haven’t really had to send any out yet. This will change after Saturday.

Saturday is my compromise. It’s the husband’s hometown wedding celebration. 200+ people are expected.

It’s mainly his people but I have a few co-workers and friends coming too.

I’m just super excited that I get another 4-day work week.

  06:12 pm, by seetheresarun 11

Our little girl finally looks like a boxer.

She gained 5 pounds in one week and is now 37.5 pounds now. She also turned 5 months old last Thursday.

She will never be the mild-manner pug-like dog that I’m used to but I’m excited to see her personality grow. And excited to take her on my runs soon.

03:53 pm, by seetheresarun 14